F106 is a coworking space where young entrepreneurs grow. Coworking increases productivity, innovation, & collaboration.

Coworking has become a national trend that is transforming the way people work and interact in professional settings. It’s a movement focused toward highly curated shared spaces where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners can work in a dynamic space of innovative thought that leads to collaboration. 

Utilizing a membership system, coworking spaces typically provide 24/7 access to an individual or shared desk space, small or medium-sized offices and amenities including conference areas, studios, presentation screens, and other technologies. 

F106 is Lake Havasu’s first cowork space. The space is located at 1100 London Bridge Rd. The office opened doors in early 2018 and is a prototype of a larger scale coworking operation and investment as part of the Vision 20/20 initiative. The full scale space is marked to break ground in 2020.