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“There is no reason to re-invent the wheel, just change the spokes to make it fit your need and get rolling!”

32 Bravo Consulting, LLC.

32 Bravo Consulting, LLC. was started to help the citizens and business owners of Lake Havasu City obtain quality affordable workplace education and training. We provide CPR, First Aid, Blood borne Pathogens, and other OSHA mandated training, to keep you and your employees ready in the event of an emergency. All of our training is based on a flexible schedule, minimizing downtime caused by training. Our other focus is to help organizations that want to give back to the community. We offer a host of Non-Profit management services from helping you start a non-profit foundation to advanced management and fundraising assistance. We currently partner with several charities and look forward to helping you achieve your mission of helping others.

Shawn Lawless
(702) 985-5457